SIDO - OSXP 2021






With 10 years of experience in facilitation and animation, I like above all to focus on the human being and collective intelligence, and abhor a systemic vision of the world as a guarantee of coherence in the projects I lead. Today, with Anima, I want to use this expertise to support companies and communities. Anima is a consulting firm specializing in consultation, communication and management for public and private actors. It was built around the major challenges that organizations face today: giving meaning to their actions, facilitating change, bringing out new ideas to innovate, promoting collaborative work, but also imagining tomorrow. Our know-how consists of accompanying and advising organizations and managers in their speaking in all forms: internally as well as externally, in front of a large public or a difficult audience. To do this, we use the tools of facilitation, communication, events, media and coaching.

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