SIDO - OSXP 2021


Gilles Gravier


Director, Senior Advisor - Open source strategy


Director in the Open Source Consulting Practice and a member of the internal blockchain council at Wipro, I provide global open source and blockchain strategy consulting and advisory services to Wipro's top customers. Prior to that, I was Director of Product Management for the Network Security, Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum Random Number Generation products, at ID Quantique, a company leader in high-performance multi-protocol network encryption, based on conventional and quantum technologies, aiming at providing future-proof encryption for time sensitive data. During my career, I have been involved in both security and open source, in roles such as chief technology strategist for security and open source at Sun Microsystems, advising the largest accounts globally on their IT security or their open source strategy. I moved on to develop global market and business development strategies for open source and security in public sector, still at Sun, and then Oracle. I have been active in lobbying activities, in particular for these companies, around cryptography, DRM, and open standards. I have worked extensively with venture capitalists as a strategic advisor for their due diligence process on IT start-ups, and am member of the boards (advisory or directors) of 3 startups. I co-founded Why Open Computing! a Swiss company focusing on selling sustainable laptops that can be user-serviced and community supported for years on. Strong communicator with fine negotiation skills. I am at ease taking complex technical subjects and bringing them to a level that makes sense for any audience, from developers to civil servants and CxOs. Evangelist, speaker at key industry events, I am also a press and analyst contact. I have, throughout my career, exercised management functions such as recruitment, building and managing a team, and driving multicultural, multinational projects. CISSP # 91529, and member of the Open Invention Network, April, and FSF Europe Fellowship.

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