SIDO - OSXP 2021




Chief Technology and Innovation Officer


Ex founder and CEO of neopixl, a mobile apps agency, I am now Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at SMILE. A great deal of my past experience has been on Java -as programmer and architect- but as an Electronics, Informatics and Signal & Systems engineer, I have also got my hands 'dirty' in thrilling embedded real time C & assembler projects and writing of drivers for Linux. Open Source addict, I've been using it since the beginning of my work experience. I've been involved in Open Source whether as a contributor (Jakarta Slide, OsWorkflow, Shark), project creator (Eclipse JWT), or 'evangelist' (Linux solutions, ObjectWeb Con, 01 seminaries,…). I've been also providing OS services for over 15 years now (part of this activity was for Open Wide in France), working tightly with open source communities such as OW2 and Eclipse. Today I am more into Python programming and beer brewing. My specialties and interests: management, consulting, tech, innovation, IoT, mobile, a bit of ML and beer crafting 🍺and drummer 🥁

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