SIDO - OSXP 2021

GoFAST Digital Workplace

>> Among the most powerful Digital-Workplaces on the market, GoFAST is today a recognized Open-Source alternative to Office365-SharePoint-Teams, capable of replacing the obsolete file server for: zero duplicates, zero attachments , zero version errors, zero lost documents, no forgotten tasks. >> No more 'application library': You can now federate collaborative work and transversal document management, from model to e-signature, with: Office co-publishing, dematerialization of business processes and tasks, centralization of comments, discussions , web-conferences ... at the office, teleworking or on the move. >> Symbiosis of the most recognized Open Source technologies (Alfresco, Drupal, OnlyOffice, BonitaSoft,, Element ...), GoFAST gives the opportunity to 'break free' from GAFAM solutions and choose Open Source while responding to the needs of CIOs and business lines: transversal projects, meetings, contracts and electronic signatures, minutes and reports, letters, invoices, HR files, technical specifications, knowledge bases, quality processes, etc. >> Your data, your dedicated GoFAST platform in sovereign SaaS or On-Premise (it's like having your own Office365-Teams ... not subject to the 'Cloud Act'). Access to documents is managed by business managers, separately from system administration (simplifies GDPR compliance).


GoFAST Digital Workplace brochure


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