SIDO - OSXP 2021

E-PEAS Introduces Versatile New Buck-Boost ICs for Highly Efficient Energy Harvesting from Solar & Vibrational Sources

Expanding its portfolio of advanced power management ICs (PMICs) for energy harvesting applications, e-peas has announced two new devices capable of further pushing the performance envelope. The RF AEM30330, Vibration AEM30330 and solar AEM10330 PMICs both utilize a buck-boost architecture. This enables them to cover a greater range of input voltage levels (from 100mV right through to 4.5V), meaning that low and high power sources can be addressed. The AEM30330 is targeted at RF/vibration-oriented deployments (including industrial equipment, home automation systems, healthcare monitoring and household appliances), while the AEM10330 is specifically intended for solar deployments (with the scope to manage up to 7 connected photovoltaic cells). Want to learn more ? Visit

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