SIDO - OSXP 2021

OW2 Quick App Initiative

Quick apps offer a future facing alternative to the current mobile app dynamic, providing a breath of fresh air to developers, publishers, businesses and users. At the same time, they also allow us to rethink the way in which mobile apps can better enhance the progressive shift towards a digital everything society. Quick apps are an implementation of emerging W3C MiniApp standards that provide a framework for mobile applications development based on widely known front-end web technologies (JavaScript, CSS …). The quick app framework enables developers to create applications more efficiently, and with significant access to a host device’s native resources and services. To encourage a healthy and vibrant quick app ecosystem in Europe and beyond, the Quick App Initiative has been recently launched within OW2. The initiative is a neutral, multidisciplinary and multi-party forum that embraces the ideals of open source; transparency, meritocracy and respectful global collaboration. The initiative will explore use cases where quick apps have the potential to significantly benefit development efficiency and user satisfaction. It will raise awareness about quick apps to the wider community, create and share experiences and knowledge, collaborate on development and framework tools, provide feedback into the W3C MiniApps working group. We invite anyone interested in this potentially game changing dynamic to visit stand D24, and check out the community portal. See you soon!


OW2 Quick App Initiative - Flyer


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