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Created in 2017, AnotherBrain is a French company which brings new artificial intelligence using a singular approach. AnotherBrain develops a new generation of artificial intelligence: Organic AITM. Bio-inspired and close to how cortex works, our technology learns autonomously, can explain its decisions, work without big data, without cloud and in real time. Embedded on a chip, this technology is human-friendly and offers new possibilities for such markets as Industry, Automotive, Defense or IoT. Providing a less disruptive but optimized artificial intelligence which has the same singular advantages of frugality in data & energy and explicability, AnotherBrain already applies this technology in Industry. Our company brings its first industrial automation application « PHOSPHOR® QUALITY », launched in series in 2021. This solution of visual Quality Control reinvents the intelligent detection of defaults in the methods of production. The Business Unit dedicated to industrial automation and quality control is under the leadership of Anne-Laure Leguevaques, who has more than 15 years of experience in industrial sector. AnotherBrain was founded by Bruno Maisonnier, the global entrepreneur and technologist who created humanoid robots NAO and Pepper as part of Aldebaran Robotics, which he sold to Softbank in 2015. AnotherBrain is headquartered in Paris, France and have a strong team of 56 people.

Fields of intervention

Industrialisation of IoT / Robotics projects
Process optimisation
Collaborative Robotics

Areas of application

Aerospace / Defence / Security
Industry / Manufacturing
Smart Territory

Expertise technologies

Artificial Intelligence
Tools and accessories for robots
Cloud Platform / Data Analytics / Data Visualisation

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