SIDO - OSXP 2021



Why Immersive Learning Collaborative? The real new learning modality that changes the game and puts emotion at the heart of the educational experience. It is a real revolution. Why WiXar? Because before, it was complicated WiXar is the collaborative immersive learning platform that allows the uninitiated to create and manage their immersive experiences very easily in self-service or turnkey mode. What makes WiXar different is that it has managed to simplify the entire creation process, thanks to the automation of the scripting part in particular (via algorithms and AI). Want to know more about how to apply immersive learning to your business? We will support you from A to Z. Our team of consultants will accompany you upstream and/or train you in Immersive Learning. For a demo with our sales team, simply book a 30-minute video conference. There is no obligation, and if you wish, you can test the tool for free for 30 days.

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