SIDO - OSXP 2021


Stand: B15b


The company SCILLE has developed, in collaboration with the DGA and the LaBRI, the PARSEC solution certified by ANSSI which guarantees the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of sensitive data shared and stored anywhere in the world regardless of the cloud storage. It is an open source cryptographic concept of decentralized distribution of trust broken down into 5 security paradigms: • 1) zero trust or “Zero Trust”, • 2) the dissemination of zero knowledge or “Zero Knowledge”, • 3) centralization on the user or “User-centered Security Model”. • 4) “micro-segmentation” of sensitive data • 5) working in “WORM (Write Once, Read Many)” mode --- ANTI-RANSOMWARE function.

Fields of intervention

Cloud Computing / Virtualisation
collaborative solutions
Infrastructures and SI
Security / cybersecurity

Areas of application

Aerospace / Defence / Security
Banking / Finance / Insurance
Digital Infrastructure

Expertise technologies

Infrastructure solutions provider

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