SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Application deployment in Docker or Kubernetes is overwhelmingly performed with the use of container images. Historically, this work has been undertaken with the aid of Docker. Only a few years ago in Kubernetes, the presence of the engine was commonplace, nowadays this is less and less the case. Beyond this established fact, the use of a Docker engine in this type of situation poses other problems, specifically in terms of security. The Kaniko project - version 0.1 dates back to 2018 and version 1.0 to 2020 - was created to meet this need by completely changing the way in which images are constructed. The first part of the presentation will look at the operating principle of this tool. A second part will be devoted to its use in the construction of images for standard projects (Maven + Spring boot, NPM + react, Python) and a few tips for best optimising your deliverables, including specifically: - The use of Kaniko behind a proxy - Use of cache for maven/gradle/npm/yarn/pip repositories - to avoid downloading everything for each build - Storing original images in a cache - The implementation of sidecars to enable unit tests to be run connected to a database - Various, different tips for fully optimising the size of deliverables (choice of images, advice on their use)

Construction and management of container images with the aid of Kaniko

Nov 9th, 02:00 pm CET - 02:20 pm CET

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