SIDO - OSXP 2021

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There are many interesting benefits of Cloud and SaaS for clients as economies of scale and service quality can increase when services are being managed by the creators of the business software. However the typical Cloud business model is to attract customers by giving them something free and then taking it back progressively. Cloud services are using this strategy extensively, and then evolving their business model and use the lock-in of proprietary software to increase their pricing and their revenue. It also has the effect of global platforms not letting competition integrate with their offerings and as well favoring their own offerings. In this talk we will share the experience of some customers now looking for alternatives after being let down by a proprietary software vendor going "Cloud first" and raising their prices for both on-premise and cloud software. In this talk I would like to address the importance of Open Source and Open Standards for the Cloud and SaaS businesses. Can customers trust providers that are letting them down and asking for even more control on the customer. Customers should favor Open Cloud companies which propose their services on the Cloud while building their offer fully Open. This talk will also address Open Standards which can help by allowing data portability and integrations between platforms.

Open Cloud: why Open Source and Open Standards are still important in the Cloud era

Nov 10th, 09:50 am CET - 10:10 am CET

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