SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Faced with the increasingly pressing need to recognise volunteering within associative structures, the Bénévalibre project was born. In addition to complying with regulations that now require volunteering to be mentioned in associations’ accounts, this census of the work of volunteers also offers the opportunity to provide a clearer view of the proportion of local authority or government subsidies, where appropriate. So, in order to simply satisfy this requirement, a group of associations decided to have a dedicated tool developed and made available: Bénévalibre. It is primarily intended for very small associations. The collective approach adopted during development and the convergence of partners with complementary expertise (Comité Régional des Associations de Jeunesse et d'Éducation Populaire, April, Framasoft) subsequently enabled financial partners such as the Fondation du Crédit Coopératif, the Burgundy Regional Council and even the state, to be sought. Even though there were numerous discussions when drawing up the specification and there were many and varied attempts to add certain features, the steering committee strove to adhere to the guiding principle of maintaining the simplicity of the tool and attempted to consider volunteers who are not comfortable with digital tools. Finally, in order to remain consistent with the desire to develop a common tool that is of use to all associations, development was entrusted to an open source software cooperative (CLISS XXI). It is this journey, from the concept to the production version, that it is our intention to present by focusing on the collective aspects and the way in which funding was secured. Bénévalibre website:

Bénévalibre: a collective success story

Nov 10th, 09:30 am CET - 09:50 am CET

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