SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Did you know that INRIA—the French national digital sciences and technologies research institute—has a legacy of nearly 1,500 software programs produced by its teams? Some of this software, made available to developers and companies in an open science philosophy, is among the most widely used in the major fields of economics, health, education, software security and machine learning. To help companies access digital technology and support engineers and technical managers in acquiring new skills, in 2020 the Institute launched the Inria Academy, a structure dedicated to continuous learning on digital technologies and open source software.  The training modules range from beginner to expert and are led by the Institute scientists at the heart of this software’s development. During this workshop, we will present training modules on five of Inria’s flagship software programs that are internationally recognised for their performance:  Scikit-learn: the machine learning toolbox SOFA: a multi-body simulation engine, widely used in robotics and the medical field RIOT: An OS adapted for the Internet of Things Pharo: advanced object-oriented programming based on a pure, reflective, dynamic language that leads to a rethink of essential points in programming Coq: a theorem prover software program. We will help you to assess the relevance and uniqueness of Inria Academy’s offering through presentations from the scientist-designers behind these programs as well as testimonials from company engineers who have improved their skills and acquired essential career expertise through our training modules. 

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