SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Public launch session for the OW2 Market Readiness Levels method. The evaluation of open source projects is a constant challenge that OW2 has successfully overcome by defining a unique composite indicator, which it now applies to its projects. This indicator facilitates the evaluation of open source projects by the managers of company IT systems. Open source software is expanding in two major directions. On the one hand, by being incorporated into the layers of IT systems, from the operating system to business applications, open source software is increasingly being used by non-IT specialists. On the other hand, by becoming “mainstream”, the market is becoming commoditized, as far as including decision-makers who are not very familiar with open source. For these new users trained in the business practices of proprietary software vendors, open source is a counter-intuitive model, the specific technical, legal and community aspects of which are a source of doubt, which is not conducive to positive decisions.. It is essential to talk to “mainstream” decision-makers in a language they understand. This is the role of the Market Readiness Levels (MRL) method for evaluating open source projects developed by OW2. With MRL, decision-makers have an index, which ranks open source projects on the basis of “business” decision criteria, which they are accustomed to. Open source will come to them. The session begins with a presentation of the MRL method, its three levels of analysis and the hundred or so criteria taken into account (20’). It then turns to five projects evaluated using the method, namely XWiki, LemonLDAP, BlueMind, Lutece and OCS Inventory. They explain how the method also provides the means to define a roadmap for their development on the “mainstream” market (25’). The session ends with a round table and questions from the floor (15’).

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