SIDO - OSXP 2021

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In this session, We propose to discuss how Orange uses the open source technology Rasa to develop Djingo, a contextual interactive AI assistant that helps in instantaneous technical troubleshooting and answering questions about customer accounts. Orange choses Rasa for its flexibility, the ability to execute on premise, and its machine learning-based approach. With every conversation users have with Djingo, the chatbot learns and improves, providing greater accuracy over time. We developed a real partnership with Rasa based on 3 axes: developing skills rapidly, correcting bugs with consistent support, and sharing a wish list with the dev team. Happy customers, happy developers, a win-win partnership!

Testimony from Orange France (member of TOSIT), developing Intelligent Chatbots using Rasa

Nov 10th, 09:50 am CET - 10:10 am CET

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