SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Caution this session is a real-life feedback, some of these could hurt sensible audience ;-) I have been practicing OSS and Cloud for years and along the way I have been through some mistakes. I started on 2012 with OpenStack and its ecosystem, then Kubernetes' one in 2016 and now I'm going through on Multi-cloud Kubernetes (AWS, AKS, OpenShit), GitOps, and migration to K8s projects. Technical and management complexity have increased exponentially since major companies have been started to implement at scale OSS. From these projects, on some we succeeded and others we failed, I have learnt a lot and I would like to share during this sessions some of take-away lessons: => A Cloud Platform = 1 Product = 1 Dedicated Team => Be smart and stay modest: Cloud Technologies are complex => Avoiding the “we will see what happens” attitude => Build on On-boarding approach and a clear operating model

Cloud: some lessons learned from my (our) failures

Nov 10th, 02:30 pm CET - 02:50 pm CET

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