SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Open science, an old idea that has resurfaced as an obvious choice…. Even though its benefits are still not evident. 4 years after the death of Vladimir Voevodsky, I would like to talk to you about how this brilliant mathematician took part in the establishment of one of the most dazzling open science projects while, contrary to what you might expect, high-level mathematics had a tendency to be extremely closed and resistant to reproducibility. And I am not talking about any old project: it involved nothing less than re-writing the foundations of mathematics, including automated theorem proving. We will look at how the practices put in place, inspired by open source software, engendered this success and paved the way for greater openness in high-level maths. And how open and collaborative science is a major gain for human knowledge.

An allegory for the success of open science applied to maths - the HoTT project

Nov 9th, 03:20 pm CET - 03:40 pm CET

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