SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The development of embedded solutions and the consumer IoT highlights a choice of operating systems derived from GNU/Linux (using Yocto, Buildroot or more rarely conventional Debian type distribution using tools such as ELBE). The Google Android operating system (also based on a Linux kernel) is very common in these domains (TV decoders, multimedia, interactive terminals, infotainment applications in vehicles - Android Auto and Android Automotive OS). During this conference, we will describe the benefits and drawbacks of each solution (GNU/Linux or Android) depending on the envisaged project, on the basis of a number of criteria: - areas of application - architecture and technical issues - available development tools - consideration of security - licence management - commercial constraints (cost, certification/compatibility) - ecosystem - sustainability and trends At the end of the conference, we will attempt to provide a summary comparison, in order to help the listener make a choice.

GNU/Linux or Android as an embedded operating system?

Nov 9th, 05:00 pm CET - 05:20 pm CET

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