SIDO - OSXP 2021

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E-commerce search is often broken: users see irrelevant results or even no results. Commercial e-commerce platforms offer only limited ways to customise search results and the open source search engines available aren't specialised for e-commerce. Search teams find it hard to measure search quality and lack the tools to fix the issues they know about from customer feedback. How can we fix this problem for the web shops we are increasingly relying on? In this talk we'll describe Chorus, an open source reference implementation for powerful and accurate e-commerce search. Chorus allows the quality of search results to be measured and improved - without the need to change the core search algorithms, putting tuning tools directly in the hands of customer-facing teams. Chorus tools are already in use at many large e-commerce sites across Europe. Chorus is compatible with leading search engines Apache Solr and Elasticsearch and is maintained by a team of search relevance experts.

Building the Best E-commerce Search with OSS

Nov 10th, 01:30 pm CET - 01:50 pm CET

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