SIDO - OSXP 2021

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MiniApp is a new concept of light native-like applications that do not require installation and can be opened with just one tap or scanning a QR-code. This talk will introduce the Quick App platform, a material implementation of the W3C MiniApp standard, based on the Web technology stack with pre-built UI components and services. By implementing quick apps, developers may create innovative apps with minimum time to market and delivering superb user experiences. Open-source and standards will enable the spread of this technology to any device, yet restricted to 1.2 billion devices worldwide. The vendor-neutral OW2 Quick App Initiative promotes international collaborations with one objective: creating a universal and standard platform to support the MiniApp ecosystem worldwide.

MiniApps: Quick Development, Superb UX

Nov 10th, 01:50 pm CET - 02:10 pm CET

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