SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The Health Data Hub (HDH) is a public interest group put in place by the Law of 24 July 2019 on the organisation and transformation of the French health system. It involves 56 stakeholders, mostly from the public sector and implements the major strategic guidelines relating to the National Health Data System (SNDS). The HDH is a service for the health ecosystem, data controllers, general interest projects and civil society. In this context, the HDH promotes innovation in health and accessibility of data and knowledge. The HDH is involved in an opensource approach and offers free access to information, documentation (notebook, interactive dictionary etc.) and training to facilitate the data reuse. These tools, whose source codes are open in Gitlab and maintained by the HDH team, are also supplied by HDH partners and the community users. This open science approach is essential for the HDH: the project leaders of the pilot projects selected had to justify their willingness to open a part of the knowledge created in their project in order to be selected and to benefit support from the HDH. This knowledge-sharing initiative is a first in France in the field of health and is a success since some resources have been reused and adapted for other purposes by French health institutions. The HDH plans to launch a call to co-fund projects to develop opensource codes to facilitate the data reuse. The HDH also interacts with the health data ecosystem and pursues the ambition to contribute to the diffusion of a health data culture and open science. The HDH organises various events such as regular meetups and data challenges, with a first data challenge held in 2020 (over 400 participants) and whose prizes were awarded to the winning participants who published as opensource the developed algorithms. A new series of data challenges is planned for 2021/2022. Finally, some code of the technological platform related to the project workspace will be made available as opensource code.

Health Data Hub and open science

Nov 10th, 01:50 pm CET - 02:10 pm CET

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