SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The EU is determined to regulate the digital sector. The Digital Markets Act, currently under negotiations, is arguably the most ambitious take to increase competition in the digital markets. It aims to update the competition law for digital markets with new rules for large online platforms. For open source stakeholders, the interoperability obligation is perhaps the most relevant, holding the potential for open, interoperable alternatives to compete on a more level playing field. Interoperability obligations are supported by a large number of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), European governments, European tech companies and civil society organisations. From an open source policy perspective, this is a policy debate reminding us of past conflicts such as browser interoperability, open standards, document formats, and net neutrality.

Unlocking the Digital Markets: EU Platform Regulation, Interoperability and Open Source

Nov 10th, 05:10 pm CET - 05:30 pm CET

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