SIDO - OSXP 2021

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We, developers and publishers, love transparency and flexibility when distributing our apps and services. Traditional marketplaces usually limit the freedom to choose the right delivery platform and the underlying core services that the app uses. Quick App, is a new vendor-neutral framework for mobile application development, enables developers to quickly and efficiently create hybrid light applications with significant access to a device’s native resources while opens a new dimension in the app distribution. This interactive workshop aims to discuss the Quick App platform from an open-source perspective and analyze the publishing market requirements and the opportunities this platform brings in application performance, monetization, and marketplace flexibility. Short introductory presentations, followed by an open session, will let the public interact with the speakers on the topics like: Light app ecosystem and standardization in W3C; Need for more flexibility and opportunities in-app marketplaces, avoiding barriers to open source projects; Existing use cases and the future potential of games built on light app infrastructure; Exploration of requirements for app publishers; Leveraging the OW2 Quick App Initiative to spread the adoption of this technology, including everyone in the discussion.

Quick Apps: fast development, flexible distribution (sponsored talk)

Nov 9th, 12:20 pm CET - 01:05 pm CET

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