SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The talk will describe the latest advances in MORPHEMIC and will introduce two novel concepts to Cloud Computing which will utilize cloud computing resources in the most optimal way. using the latest, state of the art methods, machine learning-based for time series forecasting like ES Hybrid method, Tsetlin machine, Echo State Networks, Temporal Fusion transformer and others. /1/Polymorphing architecture will allow for dynamic adaptation of the architecture of application to the current workload. When a component can run in different technical forms, i.e. in a Virtual Machine (VM), in a container, as a big data job, or as serverless components, etc. Depending on the application’s requirements and its current workload, its components could be deployed in various forms in different environments to maximize the utility of the application deployment and the satisfaction of the user. It will change the component type (VM, container, serverless, GPU or FPGA) based on the optimal solution found /2/Proactive adaptation will allow the reconfiguring the application to respond to forecast future usage and workload level, to adapt application in the most optimal way to the future. It aims to forecast future resource needs and possible deployment configurations. This ensures that adaptation can be done effectively and seamlessly for the users of the application. Both concepts have not been exploited yet in the Cloud Computing area and the project will help play a role in this respect. Cloud computing is becoming the core paradigm for green computing and computing with no initial investment in computing resources, which is important for SMEs and start-ups. During the talk we will demo the MORPHEMIC CAMEL Designer that is conceived to help in designing Cloud Application Modelling and Execution Language (CAMEL) .

The MORPHEMIC project – Adaptation of cloud computing resources according to an advanced polymorphic and proactive approach

Nov 10th, 11:50 am CET - 12:10 pm CET

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