SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The open source software movement began to organise itself in the mid-1980s and you would think that, after 35 years, it would have found an optimum way of working that is no questioned nowadays. However, this is not the case - quite the contrary. The organisation of open source projects is continuing to evolve, calling established models into question, in search of ever-increasing efficiency. This can be perceived, specifically, in four developments: lean management of contributions from a legal perspective with increasing adoption of the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO), increasing popularity of permissive licences, a decline in historic governance models (meritocracy and a benevolent dictator for life) in favour of a democratic model and the emergence of new foundations embodying these changes. This conference will present these four developments and the driving forces behind them.

Developments in the governance of open source projects

Nov 9th, 05:00 pm CET - 05:20 pm CET

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