SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Open-source technology is not just an issue for the tech world. It is a genuine market strategy and represents a change in business culture that impacts both project teams and HR alike. In an era when time to market is so crucial, open-source technology seems to be one of the keys to agility and interoperability. It can accelerate innovation, ensure technological independence and autonomous solutions, and boost quality and security. More and more companies, from SMEs to corporations, are focusing on open-source technology. But how can we make open source a part of our business strategy? What are the obstacles and how can they be overcome? How can we define its value proposition knowing that there is a strong likelihood of change along the entire IoT value chain (from hardware to networks, gateways, and software platforms)? What culture changes can we expect in companies? Open-source technology is a business change but also has legal and training implications and an impact on career development. In fact, it even affects the overall attractiveness of companies and their ability to recruit future talent! Learn about recent experiences in deploying open-source strategies!

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