SIDO - OSXP 2021

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It is no secret that we live in an ever more divided world - cross-border trade conflicts, growing income inequality, climate change, food insecurity, and wars across geographies threaten humanity ever more daily. It is against this backdrop that we find ourselves at a crossroads in how we will choose to approach collaboration and the protection of our citizens - as we confront these problems, shall we go it alone, or are we truly better together? If we are better together, how will we decide with whom we are together and how we will engage one another? In this talk, Leslie Hawthorn will share her unique perspective on the value of Digital Sovereignty to Europe. Drawing on her own experience as an American born and raised in Silicon Valley, an early employee of a major US hypercaler, an open source advocate throughout her career, an expat living in Europe since 2014, and the mother of a German citizen, she will explore how the global influence of technology providers has brought both promise and peril in how we create and deploy the technical tools that dictate the freedoms enjoyed by the world’s citizens. She will cover considerations of the threats to European values posed by this global influence, and how these threats might be mitigated. She will conclude with an exploration of how Digital Sovereignty might be framed to both protect the citizens of Europe and to ensure Europe’s rise in influence on the world stage from an economic, social, and sustainability perspective.

An American in Paris: A View of Digital Sovereignty from this Side of the Pond

Nov 10th, 04:30 pm CET - 04:50 pm CET

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