SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Vector tiles are a cartographic solution where data is served separately from the style and only assembled in the web browser for example. Allowing more fluidity and interaction. Makina Maps is a new solution to produce vector tiles on demand from an OpenStreetMap database while supporting data updates. Makina Maps is a vector tile server built using Docker and based on Imposm, OpenMapTiles, TileServer GL and NGINX. The stack can be easily and quickly set up. The components allow importing OpenStreetMap data into a Postgres database and serving tiles on demand. Caching of tiles is supported. Using Imposm, OpenStreetMap data can be updated and tile caching invalidated. This software stack can be used as a tile server for on-demand requests and support fast updates after many improvements to the OpenMapTiles project. First, it was necessary to speed up the generation of the OpenMapTiles data layers to allow tile generation while users are browsing the map. Secondly, it was necessary to be able to update the database as quickly as OpenStreetMap updates arrive and without locking the database. In addition to building and serving vector tiles, Makina Maps can also serve vector tile styles and is able to produce and serve raster versions of these tiles for legacy applications. There is also the possibility to serve pre-computed tiles stored in MBTiles as raster tiles or for example dynamic terrain shadows.

Makina Maps: a Vector Map background Server based on OpenStreetMap

Nov 10th, 02:50 pm CET - 03:10 pm CET

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