SIDO - OSXP 2021

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How can a global solution be built using OSS components in a rapidly changing environment? The main pressure for start-ups is to have a time-to-market that is as short as possible, generally on a tight budget. OSS helps this aim to be achieved in part, by offering reliable and approved products. However, from a non-purely budgetary perspective, the ecosystem and collaborative aspect allow you to move far more quickly than with a proprietary solution. Involvement in a number of OSS projects enables you to rapidly navigate this ecosystem. In addition, it’s a two-way street: what we develop can be shared, thereby allowing other users to benefit. This presentation covers the lessons learned from 2 years spent building a solution based largely on this ecosystem.

OSS to the rescue!

Nov 10th, 05:10 pm CET - 05:30 pm CET

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