SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Email is the most widely used tool on a daily basis. While we have a pool of outstanding technical open source expertise in Europe, why is everyone not migrating their mail to open source? It's because the main driver of change is human rather than technical. The transition to a healthier digital environment will not succeed if it is carried out to the detriment of those that use it. Since its very creation, BlueMind has been conceived as an end user-focused solution. As email is the most widely used tool on a daily basis! Discover how we have become the only solution that caters for all email uses: Native Outlook, better Thunderbird support, full UX design webmail, MAC, mobile, etc.

Open source and end user: a (single) email system to satisfy everyone!

Nov 9th, 04:00 pm CET - 04:20 pm CET

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