SIDO - OSXP 2021

Nov 10th | 09:00 am CET - 06:00 pm CET

Bluehats Day



On 9 November, Open Source Experience will host the #Bluehats day organised by the French Inter-ministerial Directorate of Digital Affairs. The programme will include experience sharing in the form of short presentations (Lightning talks) on open source software developed and/or used by the public sphere, as well as two round tables. All of this will be announced on Open Source experience website on 20 October. Stay tuned! The event is aimed at anyone interested in open source software and its place in the administration: public agents, citizens, associations, companies, technical and non-technical profiles. The #BlueHats are all those who, inside and outside the administration, contribute to free software used by the administration. DINUM contributes to the #BlueHats movement by publishing a bi-monthly newsletter to which you can subscribe.

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