SIDO - OSXP 2021

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AliceVision is a Photogrammetric Computer Vision Framework providing 3D Reconstruction and Camera Tracking algorithms. It allows creating a 3D textured model from the analysis of a set of unordered images of a static scene taken with any type of cameras, from professional cameras to smartphones. Meshroom is the graphical user interface built around AliceVision. It has a nodal-based interface, with a default reconstruction pipeline that can be customized for specific acquisition systems or industrial workflows. The nodal pipeline is split into small tasks that can be computed on multiple machines in parallel on render farm. This nodal pipeline also allows the end user to customize the workflow for a specific acquisition setup or to add dedicated nodes to run any task from another script or piece of software. Meshroom has been used since 2014 in digital environment creation for the Visual Effects industry and now in many other industries including manufacturing, medical, cultural heritage, tourism, archeology, biology, surveillance and 3D printing. During this session, we will present the technology behind AliceVision, illustrated by some concrete examples of production pipelines built around it. Check out our website :

AliceVision : pipeline de reconstruction 3D open source

9th Nov, 15:00 CET - 15:20 CET

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