SIDO - OSXP 2021


Stand: H01a


Wavely’s smart sensors detect & record sound & vibrations for noise pollution, sound events, & machine anomalies in manufacturing or for biodiversity, smart cities, gas leaks, & on-site security. Wavely proposes two solutions: Vibrations sensors for industrial use that alert operators and technicians to anomalies. Ideal for monitoring rotating machinery: pumps, motors, and fans to anticipate breakdowns and schedule maintenance. Modular 24/7 remote acoustic monitoring service coupling an IoT sensor with indicator computation and a web platform. Modul'Ear is fully adaptable and allows for a large quantity of data storage for analysis in conditional maintenance, biodiversity, smart cities, security & gas leak detection.

Fields of intervention

Predictive maintenance

Areas of application

Industry / Manufacturing
Energy / Utilities

Expertise technologies

IT consulting
Artificial Intelligence
Spatial IoT

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