SIDO - OSXP 2021


It is not uncommon to hear of open source software publishers holding discussions with their communities of developers or integrators regarding the names of the products they supply. These issues plainly have a direct impact on the reputation of open source projects, on the attractiveness of the ecosystem for recruiting new developers and even on the business of the network of partners or integrators. How should a publisher manage its brand? Should it promote several names? We all remember Red Hat vs Fedora. Should it involve its ecosystem in these concerns and, if yes, how? What about changes of brands or product names and their repercussions? In this presentation, based on experience and analysis undertaken following the renaming of eZ Systems / eZ Publish (open source CMS) as Ibexa, Bertrand Maugain, Co-CEO of Ibexa, will provide a generic presentation of the challenges revolving around a publisher’s brand for optimising the "ecosystem" dynamics.

The publisher's brand - Impacts on its ecosystem

Nov 9th, 11:40 am CET - 12:00 pm CET

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