SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The command line is austere... and many people would prefer to avoid it if possible. However, many tools are only available in this way, and you can sometimes feel quite powerless when you want to use them... but that should not be the case! The design for a command line tool, as for any application, can radically change the user experience for better or worse. But what makes a good CLI tool: simplicity? respect for conventions? intuitiveness? customisation? integration with the environment? auto-completion? a graphic interface? Let’s invent the Command Line eXperience! The Go ecosystem around CLIs is highly developed, let’s see how to take advantage of it in order to rapidly build a simple and user-friendly tool.

Building a user-friendly CLI tool

Nov 9th, 02:20 pm CET - 02:40 pm CET

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