SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Starting from a situation shared by everyone, that of a digital tsunami of data and documents produced by organisations, a group of expert archivists and computer scientists has delved into the subject and worked to come up with a solution for storing them, with the watchword being sharing: - sharing within a programme, combining open source, partnerships and agile organisation, - sharing technological challenges based around probative value, sustainability and digital preservation, with innovative choices, - sharing thanks to a community of users with widely varied profiles and projects, who are invited to contribute to the software solution. These founding principles have enabled an inter-ministerial programme to be structured with the aim of producing a software solution enabling data originating from big data to be archived and to be re-usable by everyone, which thereby enables a legal requirement to be fulfilled: “my data originating from my business IS and produced in 2019, I must be able to store it and guarantee that I will have access to it, with complete integrity, until 2039... ”. These principles have also fostered the emergence of a club of users, which ensures that the solution is used, which has a place on governance bodies and which is a source of contributions and shared projects. This session will provide the opportunity to take stock of Vitam users: who are they? what do they want? how are they involved? In order to examine whether, for you too, the Vitam open source software solution would be perfect for archiving your data. More information:

Vitam, an open source digital archiving solution supported by the French state but accessible to everyone

Nov 10th, 09:30 am CET - 09:50 am CET

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