SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The widespread adoption of open source in all industrial sectors of our society is prompting organisations to collectively reconsider the efforts needed in terms of open source compliance. When it comes to meeting a common non-differentiating need, it is both logical and natural for the tools developed to be open source, in order to allow costs to be shared and best practice to be exchanged. In the specific area of compliance (which relates, in this case, to respecting third party intellectual property), such a collective approach also brings about a reduction in the associated legal risks: improved traceability, greater transparency of licence information relating to packages and standardised interpretation of the main requirements for benefiting from these licences The ecosystem of open source compliance is now extremely rich in high-quality open source elements, including tools, data or standards. Within this framework, it is a matter of presenting the complementary approach initiated during the course of 2020 by the firm Inno³ in order to develop, with a group of companies organising the use of open source within their organisation, a tool for managing open source software components (Software Bill of Materials), licence policies and their obligations. This presentation aims to explain the advantages of the approach and to present the Hermine project from the perspective of its components (shared software and data) and its emerging community.

For an open, shared & tool-based approach to open source compliance -- the Hermine project

Nov 10th, 10:30 am CET - 10:50 am CET

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