SIDO - OSXP 2021

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There are numerous open source infrastructure automation solutions currently on the market and it can be difficult to make a choice. From configuration management tools to orchestrators, not forgetting template generation tools, which should you use and how? Are orchestrators essential in current cloud architectures? Should the orchestration of IaaS resources be dissociated from PaaS or CaaS services? What issues are resolved by Infrastructure as Code? Are there market leading technologies or solutions? Does Infrastructure as Code have an impact on security? Does it benefit observability? What are the current major trends for Infrastructure as Code and how can we anticipate these developments? Is it a “must-have” for multi-cloud management? A number of open source Infrastructure As Code tools will be examined, including Terraform, Pulumi and Ansible, in order to highlight all their potential, their synergies and their limits. The future of Infrastructure as Code will also be addressed, in particular with the arrival of Kubernetes-based solutions as the control plane for your Infrastructure as Code, such as the Crossplane open source solution for understanding how a container orchestrator can become an infrastructure orchestrator. The aim of this session is to provide participants with a good overall view of how Infrastructure as Code works and the different families of tools that it comprises, while anticipating the next developments, in order to continuously improve the robustness and reliability of their infrastructures. Participants will go away with an up-to-date understanding of this market and will be able to identify the benefits and drawbacks of Infrastructure as Code in their own environment.

Infrastructure as Code: what are the trends? From cloud automation to multi-cloud orchestration!

Nov 9th, 03:00 pm CET - 03:20 pm CET

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