SIDO - OSXP 2021

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1. Findings from organisations and companies: - The needs include: responsiveness, trust, simplicity, transparency, guarantees, high-quality services, support, sustainability, relevant development of solutions. - Increasingly exacting requirements: data control, sovereignty, security, technological standards, independence (cf. licences) - Market trends: why are many people opting for Big Tech solutions despite the heavy dependence and costs of these? Focus on the customer approach: the need to have an account manager and not just a community of developers, feature-rich functionality in order to satisfy business requirements while providing more than the market leading proprietary solutions, communication understandable by non-IT decision-makers. 2. Open source: how to move from a "technology" to a "service"? - Historic view of open source: a technology, a community, open source code, being "free" (N.B.: there are still costs! Internal if you opt for a "technology" and external if you opt for a "service"). - What is meant by "service"? Focus on: how to satisfy the new needs and requirements with a minimum impact on the internal costs of organisations and their IS? How to provide sufficient guarantees (availability, security, etc.)? How to move from an "IT-focus" to a "user-focus"? - How to compete with the market leaders, including Big Tech, with an open source solution? Focus on: combining the benefits of open source with a "client" focused business model, offering excellent value for money, guiding without dictating (a pragmatic and objective approach). 3. Example of a proven business model (GoFAST Digital Workplace): - How to implement "SaaS/OnPremise" with open source and what are the inherent constraints? - Why is there a need for sufficient profitability of the business model? - How to interact with the community, in order to correctly focus developments?

What is the business model for open source in the 21st century?

Nov 10th, 09:30 am CET - 09:50 am CET

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