SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The future of e-commerce open-source development is influenced by innovative technologies and industry trends. Some of them have already gained significant traction and recognition. Briefly citing existing types of e-commerce solutions, this talk covers the top 5 open-source platforms dominating the market in 2021 and goes into depth on which current & future technology trends provoke development of new key functionalities for upcoming versions of the above mentioned platforms. The talk also makes an attempt to explore the impact of the following on the industry as a whole. The talk is structured around presenting a technology trend and illustrating it with examples of how each of the above mentioned e-commerce platforms chose to interpret and implement it in the new releases / versions of its product.

Ecommerce in 2021: Dominating Technology Trends In Development of Top Open-Source Platforms

Nov 9th, 11:20 am CET - 11:40 am CET

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