SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The European Commission has recently identified edge computing as a strategic technology that is going to bring a paradigm shift to the cloud. The idea is based on moving core computational processes and storage to distant locations that are closer to the entities and the data sources they interact with, including end-users and IoT devices. The benefits come from improving network latency and user experience, but also from reducing security risks and energy consumption, minimizing data transfers to central cloud locations, and improving service availability. Telcos and 5G operators are expected to play a key role in Europe’s digital transformation by contributing to democratizing access to edge computing, making it broadly available to EU companies and citizens. On the other hand, non-EU hyperscalers are also starting to quickly position themselves as edge infrastructure providers, trying to consolidate their proprietary platforms as de facto standards in this emerging market. In this talk we will discuss the potential of open source technologies for the EU Telecom Industry, and how it is already being used to explore possible alternatives with open platforms and standards that ensure interoperability and digital sovereignty while preventing vendor lock-ins in Europe’s next generation edge cloud.

Using open source to build a sovereign edge cloud for Europe

Nov 10th, 02:50 pm CET - 03:10 pm CET

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