SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Linux in the past years has demonstrated its capability to serve highly secured applications. Will it be also capable to cover Functional Security demand ? Are we soon going to see ASIL B or D Linux based on the market ? While the basic tools required to serve Cyber Secured and Functional Secured applications are similar and even often identical, the process currently used for Functional Safety certification remains a serious challenge and still bars access to Functional Security to most Open Source applications. As we are now seeing the first systems claiming compliance with the CEI 61508 or ISO 26262 (automotive), we will look how those early players are configuring their systems to achieve compliance with Open Source based OS and try to demonstrate that the future will most likely follow that new trend.

Can Linux serve Functional Safety as well as Cyber Secured domains

Nov 9th, 04:20 pm CET - 04:40 pm CET

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