SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Universities and business schools are trapped in organizational inertia. Why would they still pay for closed source statistical software that is not used in the real world (e.g., SPSS by IBM)? Professors teach what they were taught. This lack of continuous education is unacceptable in a data-driven world. I call for the advent of open-source statistical software for both teaching and research. R must now become the norm as it can be used in several software solutions, according to the profiles of the students (e.g., Jamovi for beginners and RStudio for advanced practitioners). During this session, I will share my experience as an internationally recognized instructor of data science (e.g., in France, Germany, and Colombia). I will explain in detail how higher education and research can benefit from an open-source mindset by using personal examples. By doing so, I hope to motivate participants to enact change in their own organizations.

R for Data Science in Higher Education and Research

Nov 9th, 02:00 pm CET - 02:20 pm CET

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