SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The open source collaboration and governance model has facilitated the emergence of numerous generic software technologies such as Linux/GNU, HTTP Apache server, Kubernetes, etc. Today, open source unquestionably plays a central role in the development of generic IT solutions. More recently, the open source model has also been implemented and proven its worth in meeting the specific needs of industry verticals. The ONAP project (, for example, which was launched in 2016 at the instigation of AT&T to fulfil a strategic aim of the virtualisation of telecommunications network management and orchestration functions, benefited from rapid development and became a benchmark for the sector. Inspired by this success, in 2018, RTE, the French electricity transmission system operator, set about building an open source ecosystem in order to overcome the challenges of the energy transition and of transforming the resulting electrical systems. This initiative led to the creation of the open source foundation LF Energy (, which is currently growing, in terms of both members and the projects it is hosting. In early 2020, SNCF in turn was inspired by the RTE initiative - its partner in TOSIT ( ) - to reflect on the opportunity for a "Rail open source". By means of previous examples, this conference will illustrate how open source can be used to overcome the challenges of industry verticals, by highlighting the motivations and anticipated benefits, the difficulties encountered and sharing the initial lessons learned.

Open source and industry verticals

Nov 9th, 02:00 pm CET - 02:20 pm CET

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