SIDO - OSXP 2021

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As the leading European cloud provider, OVHcloud is absolutely convinced of the importance of an open and sovereign cloud and the place of open source in this strategy. Through its values, which focus on trust, collaboration and reversibility, OVHcloud has always supported and contributed to the open source ecosystem (the company is specifically a member of The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation). Faced with the international threat of software patents and patent trolls, OVHcloud has gradually built up a portfolio of patents from a purely defensive perspective: in order to protect OVHcloud from the risks posed by software patents in its domain and, more broadly, in order discourage open source infringements on the basis of software patents. OVHcloud’s strategy raised legitimate questions on the part of the community, leading the company to clarify its approach in 2020 to make it intelligible and transparent for everyone. A set of declarations were also made and actions taken: systematically making use of secure open source licences for distributed software, such as the Bastion security infrastructure, the Kubernetes operator for Harbor or the Erlenmeyer and Catalyst tools, joining the Open Invention Network (OIN) and the LOT Network and publishing its own especially broad Patent Pledge for the benefit of open source communities. This conference will provide the opportunity to present both the vision of a player such as OVHcloud on a fairly sensitive issue (combining an OS approach with a safeguarding approach in terms of international patents while remaining consistent with its values and those of open source communities), as well to share concerns, best practice and tools that were useful in implementing this approach both internally and externally.

Open source & patents, the OVHcloud strategy for securing its OS approach internationally

Nov 9th, 05:20 pm CET - 05:40 pm CET

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