SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Telecommunications is a closed, mature industry and sector. In recent years, telecommunications has embraced software and moved to the cloud. Applications now revolve around the web. At Wazo, we believe in integrating telecommunications into business applications to make them easier to use. We have been developing a platform over the past few years so you can build your future telecommunications applications. Wazo Platform is an open source project that offers you an open and programmable telecommunications platform under a GPLv3 licence. In this session, we will introduce you to our project and its features so you can start developing with our programming interfaces: - REST API - Websocket - Webhook - WebRTC I will give you demonstrations and code to explain all that you can do with Wazo Platform.

Create your future telecommunications applications with Wazo Platform

Nov 10th, 05:10 pm CET - 05:30 pm CET

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