SIDO - OSXP 2021

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In 2016, Orange France launched a project to redesign its Geographic Information System. This project covers a set of applications based on a software package within a unique open source infrastructure. This new platform needs to overcome a number of challenges: - Scalability: Monitor new developments provided by all communities - Mobility: Facilitate uses on the ground. - Openness: Democratise mapping uses in Orange’s IS - Performance: Fluidity of uses and application-to-application exchanges To deal with these challenges, the platform is based on a sizeable technical architecture within which the mapping services are deployed. The QGIS server is its core component. Orange France established a partnership with Oslandia at the very start of this project, in order to benefit from an expert vision, as well as to become a major player by publishing shared work. In this session, our intention is to present the architecture of the mapping platform, as well as the open source strategy put in place by Orange France (including a partnership with Oslandia) in order to ensure the successful creation of this open source mapping platform. This presentation will delivered jointly by Orange France and Oslandia.

Presentation of the TOSIT member Orange France’s fully open source GIS with its partner Oslandia

Nov 9th, 05:20 pm CET - 05:40 pm CET

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