SIDO - OSXP 2021

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The FinOps aspect of any cloud computing project is highly structural: deploying and managing your applications’ lifecycle on a public cloud supplier impacts your architectural decisions. Cloud computing, with its pay-as-you-use model, encourages variable workloads and adapting operating time to users’ or application services’ actual use. Currently, most players in this field, such as Flexera and VMware, are proprietary and dominate the key accounts market. However, the FinOps Foundation, an integral part of the Linux Foundation since 2019, is a key part of this market and has positioned itself as the main community that defines the best practices in financial management in cloud computing. In this context, how are FinOps practices situated in the open source world? Do comprehensive offers exist? Should you base your FinOps strategy on several open source tools? What about maturity? Is it wise to base your FinOps analysis platform on open source solutions? Doesn't the very progressive learning curve of FinOps practices within companies encourage using open source solutions in their FinOps processes? Finally, don't the best cost optimisations come from raising awareness among all the players involved in cloud management and encouraging them to be active and vigilant? After a reminder of the main avenues for optimising costs through FinOps practices, participants will be able to identify the right open source solutions that are mature enough to help them advance their current FinOps practices.

FinOps: what open source solutions are there to keep your cloud computing costs under control?

Nov 10th, 04:30 pm CET - 04:50 pm CET

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