SIDO - OSXP 2021

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During this conference, I will invite you to discover why Symfony is the choice of both start-ups and large corporations for creating their web apps. With close to 3000 contributors in 10 years, 185 components and a total of 8 billion downloads, Symfony is one of the most active and widely used open source projects. They key to its success: an ability to reinvent itself while ensuring continuity, shaped by a well-established development methodology, buoyed by the ideas contributed by a community of enthusiasts and professionals. As announced, Symfony 6 will be published in late November 2021. As planned, existing projects can adopt it with little effort. During this conference, I will review the new features of this version, as well as emphasizing the way in which the project is structured and looking at the extent to which this makes it a reliable long-term partner.

Symfony 6: choose innovation and performance

Nov 10th, 03:30 pm CET - 03:50 pm CET

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