SIDO - OSXP 2021

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Analysing and cross-referencing the experiences of customers, employees, and users makes it possible to describe a ‘TOTAL UX’ and to identify consumer profiles more precisely. This is an enormous boon to brands that capture digital dust from a variety of sources (browsing history, geo-tracking, online buying, facial recognition, and more) and use it to try to influence the behaviour of future customers, trend leaders, and decision-makers. The Internet of Behaviour is the focus of many ethical and societal debates because the digital tracking of behaviour obviously raises the question of privacy protection, free will, and the algorithms that make it possible. Artificial intelligence is not all-powerful, at least not at the moment, so before dreading it, should we not observe how algorithms fit into our society? Should we not strive to understand their biases, detect algorithmic discrimination, and react step by step? No matter the issue – justice, hiring, banking and credit, or facial recognition – these fears are occasionally exaggerated and sometimes legitimate. Overcoming them is the key to ensuring that France and Europe as a whole move towards a future in which AI is a trusted technology! The discussions are sure to be lively.

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